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A History of Napoleonic and American Prisoners of War 1756-1816: Hulk, Depot and Parole

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Publisher: Antique Collectors' Club Ltd

ISBN: 9781851495283


This books tells the story of those men taken prisoner during the Napoleonic Wars.

Part One tells of the various wars that saw the men, from many different countries, become prisoners. Tales of individuals and their voyages, mutinies, fortunes and failures also feature, adding more personal touches to the history and, as with the author's other title, all the accounts are written in a highly evocative style.

Part Two is largely devoted to the prison hulks, describing the vessels and the conditions on board that the prisoners would have had to endure. Many of these hulks were former warships. Now stripped of all their equipment, and with their masts, sails and rigging removed, they sat disabled offshore, filled with their human cargo.

Part Three concerns itself primarily with the depots and prisons on land, beginning with a general overview, and going on to explore in greater detail individual establishments and the conditions within. The final three chapters in this section deal with the terms and conditions of various types of parole - many officers granted parole were able to live almost as free men, as long as they did not take up arms against their captors - as well as the punishments to be expected should parole be broken.


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