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Pewterware In addition, the Museum Service's collection of artefacts contains items associated with the social history of the area, geological and archaeological specimens, a fine art collection, coins, medals and other objects. The “Casoar Cap” at Bewdley Museum has been selected out of a total of 10 items chosen to tell the history of Worcestershire and Herefordshire and their place in the world. It is included in the wider ‘A History of the World’ project, formed out of a partnership between the BBC, the British Museum and 350 museums and institutions across the country. Paintings Originally part of the Kidderminster Museum art collection, the paintings were transferred to Bewdley Museum in 1990. Oil paintings from the collection can be viewed on the Your Paintings website. Lord Leighton View sketches at Bewdley Museum on the Leighton Drawings Project website. Frank Brangwyn Collection In 1933 Sir Frank Brangwyn donated 50 etchings to Kidderminster Museum and gallery.



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